At Troubadour, we believe in incorporating security as an integral part of networking foundations while ensuring it does not impede business operations or hinder innovation.

Secure Data

Web Application Security

Having the ability to secure user specific data across business applications is critical in today’s security landscape:

  • Application Aware Firewalling
  • Application micro-segmentation
  • Multi-factor authentication/IAM
  • Web API Security
  • Cloud Native Application Security

Protect Valuable Assets

Infrastructure Security

Protecting company data and assets utilizing a zero-trust platform approach across the network:

  • Next-generation firewalls
  • Endpoint protection
  • Network behavior analytics
  • IoT Security

Easy Accessibility

Cloud Security

Increase your data visibility in the cloud while eliminating shadow IT and establishing strong and secure business continuity plans:

  • SASE
  • Cloud identity
  • DLP and data access/transit protection
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

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