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At Troubadour Technology, we believe a true partnership is built upon honesty & facts, not buzzwords. We help businesses leverage technology to meet the dynamic challenges of the modern world via a Customer First, Customer Always Model.

We’re committed to your success and pride ourselves on delivering results.

Comprehensive IT Services

Help your Business Thrive

Design & Consulting

With top OEM certified engineers experienced in holistic network and security strategy, we always take time to help the customer understand which technology fits their needs, collaborate on a secure and resilient design, and help with a roadmap for the future.

Staging & Implementation

Feel confident in the implementation of the intended design via our highly certified deployment team. Our engineers can stage all of the equipment prior to shipment, build and test the design, and install the solution with minimal business impact.

Shipping & Logistics

Customers can feel at ease and effectively plan critical projects in today’s supply chain volatility by partnering with Troubadour to source, track, and deliver.

Contract Management

Troubadour takes the guessing out of support contracts or licensing/subscription term dates by proactively co-terming contract dates for ease of renewal and providing vendor asset reports of customer’s equipment.

Why Troubadour Technology

Changing Dynamics

  • Industry ConsolidationBased upon the past decade’s macroeconomic environment driving M&A, there is a void of “right sized” Value Add Resellers.

  • “One Stop” TheoryConsolidation led to strategies of a “full catalog” at the expense of expertise, experience, and focus as core pillars (pronounced – Value: va·lyoo).

  • Inefficient – Catalogs led to a process first approach, adding layers to both the front and backend of the business and introducing complexity

  • InauthenticA lack of authenticity delays outcomes, consumes cycles, and ultimately adds cost.

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Flexible IT Solutions

  • FOCUS – IT Networking & Security solutions with services to help customers evaluate, implement, and adopt new technologies

  • NIMBLE – Providing agile support to large customers by bridging the gaps, proactively addressing project needs, swiftly adapting to changes, and ensuring timely delivery.

  • ENGINEERING – Built with Engineering at the core of the organization to wrap value around every interaction from pre-sale to post project

  • LOGISITICS – Locating & Sourcing equipment, Shipment Intercept & Staging, Tracking & Delivery Management

IT Partnerships

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Empowering & Motivating employees to “do right”

Easy to do Business With

Streamlined processes, minimal repetition, lead with YES

Listen & Understand

A focus on the customers business and goals

Be Real, Be Authentic

The foundation of any longstanding partnership

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